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So, what happens after the series ended?
One of the most discussed about topic concerning Slam Dunk is 'exactly what happened in the manga after where the anime series ended?' As loyal fans argue about the true result of the interhigh competitions, we would like to post some relatively reliable info about the official ending of the Manga.

There are 31 volumes in this manga series, after the anime stopped at the beginning of the interhigh competitions, a lot of fans thought that was the official ending of Slam Dunk as the author meant it, but it's not true.

The author of Slam Dunk, Takehiko Inuoe, went on and actually continued onto the interhigh games. In fact, a couple of the competitions in the later chapters are claimed by fans, to be the best games in this series! One of them is the famous Shohoku vs. Sannoh game. Sannoh, as the former Champion of the interhigh competitions, had great confidence in winning again. As expected, the Sannoh team also has great players, one of them, Eiji, is claimed to be the best player in Japan! It was a really tough game, but Shohoku won! This incredibly important competition brought numerous cheers for the no-seeded Shohoku high school and brought a perfect ending the series.

Did Rukawa become the best player in Japan?

Yes, we believe he did. In the Sannoh game, Rukawa realized how important team play is and finally overcame his habit of attacking alone, instead, he thought about his teammates' actions. In the end of the last chapter, we found out Rukawa was admitted into the All-Japan basketball team. This is without a doubt, a big hint for us fans - "Rukawa's seeking to become a pro. basketball player!"

Did Sakuragi win Haruko's love?

This is not obviously stated in the ending, but after Sakuragi got injured during the Sannoh game, he was sent to recover in a hospital far away from the Kanagawa region. While he was away from Shohoku, Haruko wrote him letters and kept him informed of any new happenings at Shohoku.
Can we get the manga summaries anywhere?

Manga summaries now available in the Manga section. ;)