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The anime series "Slam Dunk" contains 101 episodes, spanning all the way to the day when Shohoku and Kainan teams boarded the trains heading to the national competitions! If you are interested in finding out how the two top Kanagawa teams performed in the nationals, check out the manga section!
Below is a detailed timeline summary to the great SD series that we all love! (Not yet completed )
Session Time Line Character Development Games
1A famous gangster named Sakuragi Hanamichi entered Shohoku high school along with he's four pals. Together they are notoriously known as the Five-member Sakuragi gang! After getting dumped by fifty girls in junior high, Sakuragi is heart broken, it seems he has fallen deep into some sort of love-depression. Then a cute girl approached the red haired tall gangster and asked in a sweet voice :" Do you play basketball?"Sakuragi fall in love with Haruko instantly, he recovers from he's love depression.none.
2Sakuragi is now known as "sportsman Sakuragi"! The cute girl named Haruko who introduced him to basketball taught him the meaning of "Slam Dunk". By calling himself TENSAI, Sakuragi is determined to learn more about basketball then using basketball as the key to enter Haruko's heart. Then something bad happened that shattered Sakuragi's nice and wonderful dream to billions of tiny pieces. -- Rukawa Kaede entered the scene.Sakuragi learns about basketball then he met up with his life rival - Rukawa!none
3After getting yelled at by Haruko, Sakuragi has now slamed back into he's love-depression. Then, he met up with the captain of the basketball team. Ironically, the gorilla like captain is Haruko's brother! Unfortunately, Sakuragi learned of the truly a step too late.Gorilla, Akagi enters the scene. We meet Haruko's brother!Sakuragi vs. Akagi's no-rule one on one basketball game
4Sakuragi cleans the gym and makes every effort possible to act all nice and kind before Akagi. Finally, Akagi permits the TENSAI to enter the basketball team.Akagi realizes there is something good about Sakuragi: strong determinationnone
5Sakuragi trains very hard in the team. Even though he's only doing basic practices, he's being extra patient, strongly believes one day, he's tensai skill will be known to the world!Sakuragi realizes basketball is not easy! Rukawa shows up tensai skills in practice game!Practice game between the seniors, sophomores and the freshmen players.