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Takehiko Inoue is the artist of Slam Dunk. He draws himself as a SD character called Dr. T who appears throughout the series introducing new technical terms in Basketball. You can usually see Dr. T's appearance from the official games Shohoku engages in.

Other than the extraordinarily popular Slam Dunk, Inoue also has another manga based on basketball named Buzzer Beater. Buzzer Beater is a story based on a very different setting than Slam Dunk and focus on the universe's greatest basketball team.
Slam Dunk Creator - Takehiko Inoue
Will there be a sequel to "Slam Dunk"?

Currently there are no plans for a "Slam Dunk 2" or any sequels.
However, according to Mr. Inoue, "I'm waiting for the desire to draw it to come naturally from within me. Since it won't be because somebody is making me do it, but because I want to enjoy drawing it myself, when the time comes for me to deal with those feelings, there will probably be a #2."
(Comment made by Mr. Inoue on NHK TV's "Top Runner" on 6/15/2000)
Takehiko Inoue's picture in his younger years
Takehiko Inoue's most current picture we have available
Other than writing Manga, Inoue also plays ball himself. He has a team called the Takechans which comprises of his friends and colleagues. They would play every weekend hoping one day to meet some challenge. However, he does not believe a single human being would want to play against them.

Takehiko is most happy when:

When he wakes up on time in the morning
When praised by someone else
When he "swishes" a shot (What a coincidence,I feel happy whenever I swish a shot too! )
When he visits a bookstore
When he has an endless supply of inspiration
When there is no traffic jam
When the seasons change
When he can makes it through a closing elevator door
When the pen works

Inoue Sensei's bibliography from Rajin Comics:

Inoue Takehiko was born on January 12, 1967 in Kagoshima Prefecture. Inoue's basketball masterpiece, SLAM DUNK, has a devoted international following and has sold over 100 million books worldwide. Inoue won Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs Manga Media Festival Prize for his depiction of Miyamoto Musashi as a wander in VAGABOND. In the same year, Inoue won the 24th Kodansha Manga Prize. Inoue added another trophy to his collection, winning the Tezuka Prize in 1988 for his work KAEDE PURPLE. With such achievements, there are high expectations for Inoue's work for years to come.
Please visit Inoue's official website at : ::: INOUE TAKEHIKO ON THE WEB :::